Chinese international student Service - Testing01

Introduction of the test

Providing services for international students is not a new idea, but in order to understand what kind of services Chinese international students need the most, I decided to conduct a online card sorting activity to test the concept. The card sorting online tool I used called "Conceptcodify" allows me to put all the service types I came out  as "cards", and ask selected participants to sort the services(cards) based on the questions I asked. The activity is put online, so I was able to share it to selected groups(future customer) on different kinds of social media and network. 

Who is the future customer?

The services will be initially only provide for the Chinese market, so current Chinese international students and perspective Chinese students are the future customers. For the card sorting activity, the link is only open to Chinese/Taiwanese students who are currently studying abroad or had studying abroad experience in their lives. The age range of participant is from about 16 to 30, covering high school, college, graduate school.    

Testing Process

1. List out all the services I could think about before and during studying abroad

Before studying abroad:
Letter of Intent
Airport pickup
Phone sim card
Housing rental
Get international student ID
Before boarding education 
Understand the schools
Understand the cultures
Visa application
Flight ticket(with better insurance)

During studying abroad :

Communicate with school
Host family
Get driving license
Join the community-local resources
Law consultant
Get a bank account
Get a state ID
Better inform parents about their kid’s everyday life
Build up a communication channel between parents and students
Realtime online tracking?
Health / doctor appointment
Car rental
Immigration service for new comers

2. Create a card sorting test to understand what kind of services they need.

a. The test is written in Chinese because the targeted customers are Chinese reader, then I translated it to English in order to share the analytic result to English speaking people.

b. The order of the card is randomized by the system, so that the customers won't know originally how the test creator grouped the cards.


Card sorting group:

a.Three services that you want when studying abroad

b.Three services that you want before studying abroad

c.Services that you might need when studying abroad

d.Services that you might need before studying abroad

e.Services that you don't need when studying abroad

f.Services that you don't need before studying abroad

3. Post  the link on FB- Chinese & Taiwanese student groups / Email the link individually

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 7.57.32 AM.png

4. Get the test result