Chinese international student Service - Testing02


Testing goal:

The first testing was about understanding the market and the opportunities in the field of Chinese international student service.  According to the result of testing, there is one big opportunity - relocating service. Most agency in China only deal with the primary stage of studying abroad process, which is studying abroad consulting and preparing application materials, online/paper school application, some agencies are also providing services such us visa application and medical records. However, very few agencies are providing the relocating service, so students mostly contact the third party or find apartment though personal connection by themselves.  

This testing is trying to understand how do customers(Chinese international students) perceive the two ideas developed from the last test, including testing the brand image and company’s services.


The first idea

Company’s name: Student Study Abroad Service

Brand position: Student Study Abroad Service is a knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy company. It not only provides customised school application consulting and application service, but also handle all the nuances that teenagers and young adults have to deal with regarding studying in a completely new country.

Products: In person school application consulting , school application service(material preparation), cultural learning workshop. An app which reminds students what to do, allowing students to track their application status. The company also provides housing service, allowing students to check the apartment condition, price, neighborhood, and living environment on the app, and rent an apartment before they arrive.


The second idea

Company’s name:Heyday

Brand position: Heyday is a fun, useful and convenient study abroad community platform. Hey day close the gap between study abroad online sources and real experiences, making study abroad experience more smoothly, and without any unexpected surprise.

Products: Addition to school application service, Heyday connects students with the right resources, including schools’ student representatives ( both native and international ), community representatives, students group representatives, and so on.Through exchanging real time information, students will gain optimized studying abroad experience. Also,  local people provide other services that most agencies are hard to achieve for international students through the platform, such as airport pickup service, delivering service, house-checking, furniture purchasing service.

Testing methods:

In person Interview

Interviewee: Chinese International Students

Testing process:

1.Show the draft of web design to interviewee and explain the brand concepts to them

2.Ask interviewee to choose the concept they prefer and try to understand how did they make the decision.

3.Ask the interviewee which part of the concept can be improved.