Quotes from "The Innovator's Dilemma"

  • Organizations capabilities reside in their processes and their values -  and the very processes and values that constitute their core capabilities within the current business model also define their disabilities when confronted with disruption.
  • The ultimate users or applications for disruptive technologies are unknowable in advance. Failures in an intrinsic step toward success.
  • Good resource allocation processes are designed to weed out proposals that customers don't want. When these decision-making processes work well, if customers don't want a product, it won't get funded; if they do want it, it will. This is how things must work a great companies. They must invest in things customers want - and the better they become at doing this, the more successful they will be.
  • Typically, senior managers are asked to decide whether to fund a project only after many others at lower levels in the organization have already decided which types of project proposals they want to package and send on to senior management for approval and which they don't think are worth the effort. Senior managers typically see only a well-screen subset of the innovative ideas generated.