Year : 2015

Company : Panasonic

Role : Responsible for leading the design, research, and the product strategy of a novel senior-communication software service on multiple digital platforms.

HomeTeam : HomeTeam™ creates shared experiences that gives grandparents and grandchildren the opportunity to connect and engage in reading books & playing games together, even when separated by distance.

Platform: Web, iOS, Android, Mobile



2014 : The concept of HomeTeam was born. HomeTeam is an internal startup in a big organization.

Mar 2015 : Version1 was born

Jun 2015 :  Version2 went out

Nov 2015 : Has 7000 existing users, I conducted 3 major research projects and created 5 main designs.

MY PRIMARY ROLE : UX Design            

1.UX/UI DESIGN : I Led the design team to create UX/UI that helps seniors better interact with digital platforms. Worked with development team to understand implementation constraints & possibilities and supervised the design execution.

2.New feature design: I designed new features that addresses communication between seniors and grandchildren.


1.Plan & Conduct user research: Set research plan & goals. Achieve product’s ease-of-use by conducting usability test, and analyzing key findings with research team to improve the design.

2.Be the Voice of Users : Communicate research insights & design intents to internal multidisciplinary teams to ensure all key customer touch points address user needs.    


Overall goal: Achieve product ease of use across platforms

Design goal: Redesign the wireframes & user interface of HomeTeam version 1

Research goal: Identify UX/UI barrier / difficulties for users

Research Method: In person usability test in test build environment with grandparents



Old vs New Registration Page


Old vs New Add People Page


Old Tutorial    


New Tutorial   



DESIGN MOBILE EXPERIENCE : Play games together anywhere anytime!

Tablet vs Mobile

Invite New Users

Invite New Users

Search Existing Users

Search Existing Users

Play Games Together

Play Games Together



Old Book Category

HomeTeam library categorization:

Old category : HomeTeam had about 1000 books, but only have 8 categories. The categorization is a mix of genre and theme. Ex. Biographies & Animal Adventure.

New Category : About 1500 books and 15 categories. Categories are based on themes. 





New Book Category


Book Cover Testing : 

Audio : Seniors can easily find & understand the audio icon on the right cover, but not on the left cover.

Favorite : Seniors doesn't know that the icon is clickable, but they understand what does the icon mean. Seniors want to see their grandkids' favorite books, and the kind of book they read.

Rating : Seniors understand the meaning of the icon, but they don't care very much about other people's rating, because they don't know if the rating is from a bad/good reader.

Rating number : Seniors understand the meaning of the number, but again, they don't find the rating function very helpful.


Book Detail Popup Test:

WOW information for users : Reading time & Award winning author or book.

Nice information for users : Book description, author, publish year, age & category

Barriers : Users doesn't know the age & category arrow is clickable 

User aspiration: Users hope that the service can recommend similar type of books if they like this book.


Second Prototype Testing - Concept & Usability Test

Second Prototype Testing - Concept & Usability Test 

Reading - All Tab UI

Reading - Age Group UI

Reading - Categories UI


HomeTeam First Time User Experience Analysis for Version 1.2


Version 1.1

First Time Experience 


Version 1.2

First Time Experience 


Version 1.3

First Time Experience 


Research & Analysis


First Time User Experience Analysis

Book - Prototype Test - Usability & Concept

Internal  Usability Test Analysis

Business Model Test