Project : Stella Promotional Video    I    Year : 2013    I    Type : School project    I    Class: Video Production 


Project : Life is a Journey    I    Year : 2013    I    Type : Personal project    

Project : Match Point Opening Credits    I    Year : 2013    I    Type : School project    I    Class: Video Production 

Project :  Company Promotional video     I    Year: 2013    I    Client: Accelerate Long Island

Team: Szu Ying Ching, Sisi Chu    I    Role: storyboard, story development, script writing, character design, animation production


1. Transform the organization’s service into an storyline, use animated characters to represent different kinds of scenarios in the reality.

2.Use trendy and catchy visual design to attract audience.


1. Research -  understand the organization, including it’s offering, business ecosystem, client relationships

2. Strategy

3. Concept - Storyboard

4. Visualization - photoshop, illustrator, After effect

5. Production - After effect


Responsible for producing the company’s promotional animation by drawing storyboard, writing scripts and designing characters. My creative job made company’s vision and mission be more presentable in front of its funders and partners.


1.How to use a easy and acceptable way to let audiences understand the organization’s vision and mission?

2.How to complete the video in a very limited timeframe?