Project : Divvy Bike Data Visualization Challenge

Year : 2014

Client : Chicago Divvy Bike  

Role : Design strategy, Data visualization design 

Contest description: Use big data to illustrate topics such as: top riders’ destination, top stations, top routes, customer segmentations. 


How to distinguish ourselves from other competitors and structure an insightful data visualization. In order to achieve this goal, we decided to utilize an unconventional way to create the visualization.


After conducting the secondary research, we found that most data visualizations are data- and chart-oriented, so audiences are not able to immediately obtain insights from them. As a result, this undermines the influence of data visualizations, which leads to no further steps taken by viewers. Instead of only showing data, we decided to build a meaningful storyline from Divvy bikers' perspectives. Numbers and charts are abstract, but reading a story is interesting and makes it easy for viewers to catch the key message!


The scenario depicts a Divvy subscriber's trip from his home to the office. Our team pointed out three benefits that Divvy bike can provide in this door-to-door trip. These fell into three categories: personal health, financial savings and environmental friendliness, as measured in terms of calories burned, trip cost and carbon footprint respectively. 


Regarding cost benefits, a subscriber only spends seventy-five dollars for a yearly membership, which breaks down to thirty cents per trip if he commutes by bike during the biking season (riding five months a year, twenty days a month). However, if he takes the bus, he will have to spend two dollars and twenty-five cents each trip. For an urban commuter, it’s obvious that Divvy subscription is less expansive than other public transportations, but it’s really hard for a user to envision the utilization of a yearly subscription.


Meanwhile, Divvy bike makes customers feel they are contributing the whole environment, including their community and the city, which is important for everyone. In order to make the contribution more tangible to audience, we count the carbon dioxide consumption of car and show how much carbon dioxide is saved by riding bike!


For White Colors, Divvy is a one stone two birds approach because it reflects the characteristic of their time efficiency in terms of workout and saving money at the same time. From health perspective, it is common to associate biking with health benefits, but showing the calories burn in a single trip makes the benefit more perceivable and visualized. 


In a short, commuter is one of the largest customer group for Divvy bike.Therefore, telling what benefits a commuter can have from Divvy allows the targeted audiences easily percept what beneficial features Divvy offers. !


1. Feedback loops: showing clearly beneficial and personalized data instead of general data.

2. Reconstruct the gain and loss structure: cost benefits from a one year Divvy subscription. 

3. Provide customers with a new reference point: compare the cost of Divvy bike with bus; compare the carbon dioxide consumption of Divvy bike and car. 


1. Research & Data analysis

2. Set Design strategies &  Visual style

3. Final the data visualization